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Fence & Deck Repair

Add value to your home.

Your deck and fence are excellent investments and have potential to add great value to your home, give you privacy, expand your living area , and secure your animals on your property. 

Our high quality stain and affordable maintenance is imperative and we would like to extend our services. Staining your deck and fence will prevent cracking, splintering and graying; common issues due to exposure to rain, wind, and the sun.


Making some simple repairs to the deck can give a big boost to your living space. Aesthetic issues aside, safety is another reason to make sure that your wooden porch structure is free from damage or excessive wear. Broken or splintering floorboards are probably the most common type of deck maintenance that is required. Since the floor is consistently exposed to the elements, the wood is the most likely suffer the effects of harsh wind, rain, the pounding sun. 


Pressure washing your fence and deck prolongs their life, and make them look brand new again. We can clean your fence and decks without causing damage to the surface.

Whether it be composite/ vinyl material or wood. Our technicians are trained in the correct procedure-pressure for each material, for the process is slightly different.

Wooden Fence
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